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A tablet I, line 27, munusagrig-zi-é-kur-ra-ke4, the true housekeeper of Ekur, but it surely might have solely been assigned to her as a result of confusion with equally named Ninimma, who was a member of Enlil’s court docket. Shrines named kids-Namma, the footstep of Nammu existed in Ekur in Nippur and Esagil in Babylon. Andrew R. George means that the latter, attested in a supply from the reign of Nabonidus, was named after the previous. Primarily based on a doc most likely written through the reign of Esarhaddon, Nammu was additionally worshiped in É-DÚR-gi-na, the temple of Lugal-asal in Bāṣ. In line with Frans Wiggermann, a kudurru inscribed boundary stone inscription indicates that a temple of Nammu existed within the Sealand a minimum of for a reason that reign of Gulkišar, that it remained in use throughout the reign of Enlil-Nadin-apply of the Second Dynasty of Isin, and that its staff included a šangû priest.

Lugal-kisalsi, a king of Uruk, built a temple devoted to her, but its proper name is not recognized. As of 1998, the only known example of a theophoric title invoking Nammu was that of king Ur-Nammu. The latter king additionally invoked her alongside Nanshe in blessing components. She appears in the contemporary god listing from Nippur as the 107th entry. Nammu appears in the myth of Enki and Ninmah. As an answer, he suggests the creation of mankind. He instructs Nammu tips on how to form males from clay with the help of Ninmah and her assistants Ninimma, Shuzianna, Ninmada, Ninšar, Ninmug, Mumudu, and Ninnigina in line with Wilfred G. Lambert’s translation. A maid will likely be of so much help to you when you are not at home.

It is not the contaminated water supply but your house too. One example of American Wringers products is shown, very much like the visibility of the patent also shown. American Builder. Vol. 37, no. 3. June 1, 1924. p. Within the Ur III period, Nammu is attested in various incantations invoking deities related to Eridu. Additional research recognized no different names invoking her in sources from the Ur III period. A dedicatory inscription from the Kassite interval which mentions Nammu can be recognized, although its point of origin stays uncertain. While the text comes from the Old Babylonian period, it might mirror an older tradition from the Ur III interval. The building alone was projected to value at $eight million, whereas the land and furnishings were to price another $10 million.